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A few of our 19 draughts on tap
Steam Whistle   Steam Whistle
Focus is on making one beer - a premium Pilsner that Canadians can be proud of. World-class results require focus and concentration, so we developed a distinctive recipe for our single brand based on Europe's renowned brewing standards. We use traditional brewing techniques and only four natural ingredients including spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast - all GMO-free.
Guinness   Guinness
Crafted since 1759, GUINNESS® has a rich history: friendly, enterprising and well-travelled.
Strongbow   Strongbow
Its unique taste delivers a refreshingly clean, crisp and sharp pint, making it a Gold Medal Winner at the International Beer and Cider Competition. Cider makers since 1887.
Alexander Keith's   Alexander Keith's
The Honourable Alexander Keith is often credited as being the father of great beer in Nova Scotia. He earned the title his way, with a lifetime of fine brewing, and a legend that still includes the most popular beers in Nova Scotia today.
Stella Artois   Stella Artois
No matter where in the world you are, you can count on a great experience every time you order a Stella Artois. The beautiful Chalice is the perfect glass, particularly when combined with the Stella Artois pouring ritual that allows the beer to flow, breathe and develop a pristine head. So, not only does the beer taste great it also looks wonderful.
Beck's   Beck's
Today, each Beck's beer is made with soft water from a deep well within the Rotenburgen Rinne, golden barley that's selected by their brewmasters for quality and potential, hops that meet the brewmaster's exacting standards to give Beck's its aroma and spice; and yeast perfectly suited to turn maltose into alcohol - and to turn a mixture of ingredients into a batch of pure Beck's.
Hoegaarden   Hoegaarden
The brilliant white beer is brewed to a traditional recipe which dates as far back as 1445, although the beer Hoegaarden has only existed since 1966. Hoegaarden gets its great taste partly due to there being special ingredients added during the brewing process, such as - wheat, coriander and curacao orange peels. Also the pale, cloudy appearance of this mysterious looking drink is all thanks to an additional second fermentation in the bottle.
Amsterdam   Amsterdam
Using Canadian pale barley, their brewers make this beer by infusing the malt wort with only the finest aromatic German and Czech hops. After a controlled fermentation with our Danish yeast strain, the beer is chilled and aged until being cold-filtered prior to kegging and bottling. The finished product is a very clean and well-balanced hoppy beer without the astringent bitterness of some other European styled lagers.
Leffe Blonde   Leffe Blonde
Leffe Blonde is a classic Abbey beer with smooth and well balanced fruity, warming flavours. The beer has hints of quince, gooseberry, bitter cherry and apple flavours together with hints of cloves, nutmeg and allspice.
Leffe Brune   Leffe Brune
Leffe Brune is a dark, red brown Abbey beer with flavour of rich roasted malts, caramel bitter-sweetness and hints of warm fruit. Leffe Brune is substantially more bitter than Leffe Blonde, but this bitterness is balanced by the brown, sugary sweetness of the roasted barley.
Labbatt Blue   Labatt Blue
Each time the bartender reaches for the handle of the Labatt Blue Draught Tower they're reaching for a little slice of heaven. It's a cold, crisp, clean draught and another quenching moment in the Labatt brewing tradition.

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